How does a Professional Virtual Photo Shoot Work?

Professional virtual photo shoots are really starting to take off and have become a brilliant tool as we continue to socially distance. It means you can stay in the comfort of your own home – or work space – or both! It also means that you have access to a bank of images for your social media at your finger tips!

But, what are they, how do they work and why should I book?

What is a Virtual Brand Shoot

A virtual brand shoot is a photography session which takes place in a fully socially distanced environment. You are based in your home or place of work and I am at my PC in my office.

Basically, it both a professional photographer’s solution, as well as client’s answer, to the pandemic. It is planned out in advance and carried out entirely on the Shutter app.

How Does a Virtual Brand Photo Shoot Work?

Firstly, you need a stable internet connection. If anyone else is on the same connection as you, I usually ask that they sign out during our photo shoot. This would only be for around 45 minutes to an hour.

You also need a smartphone which will enable you to download the Shutter app. This is a fantastic app which enables me to see you through the camera on your phone. I can use the rear or front facing lens and the app even gives me the mega pixels of your camera.

Prior to the date for the arranged shoot, I send you an email with a number of directions. I ask you to video the areas where you would like the photographs to be taken and send these to me. I suggest you try and choose areas of soft, natural light as this type of light makes for the best images.

I also send you a short questionnaire in order to ensure that I have all the information I need to capture the best images for your business or branding. I want to make sure that I make the best of our time together on the shoot – and that you have the right images to use on your social media accounts.

After the shoot, I will fully edit all the best images and then provide you with a link to your gallery where you can download all your photos, ready for you to start using straight away.

Anything Else I need to Know

  • As the images are taken on your phone camera and they are not high resolution as they would be on a DSLR, they are only really suitable for social media.
  • If you don’t have a camera stand or tripod, I have a great hack you can use for a stand!
  • You will receive a minimum of 20 images – all fully edited.

Why Should I book a Virtual Photo Shoot?

Whether you are an influencer or business owner, a bank of bespoke professional images are an important part of your social media presence.

Seeing the person behind the brand will help you gain trust from your audience. Having the images to hand will also help save you precious time and will mean that you can schedule your social media posts ahead of time.

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